The Hidden Life of Trees

The Hidden Life of Trees

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The Hidden Life of Trees 

Two-hour hike with forester Peter Wohlleben in english based on best-selling "The Hidden Life of Trees".

Forests are full of startling secrets. Trees that communicate with each other. Trees that take care of their offspring as affectionately as of old and sick neighbours. Trees that have sentiments, feelings, memories. Unbelievable? Possibly, but true.

Forester Peter Wohlleben is awaiting you with fascinating stories about the unexpected and stupendous abilities of trees, drawing upon both the latest scientific findings and his own professional experience. The result is an exciting adventure for all nature lovers. Come and meet an organism we all thought we understood, get to know its true liveliness, and step into an entirely new world.

Tutor: Peter Wohlleben

Time: 2-4pm

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