Beech trees - the primeval forest project

Beech trees - the primeval forest project

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Help us to save the ancient beech forest.

Lease an area for the next 50 years and give yourself and nature a special gift.

In the box "Size" you can specify the desired area (square meters) If you would like to protect a larger area, feel free to contact us.

For areas over 25 m2 we will send you a certificate. Please enter the name of the donor (s) or recipient (s).


50 square meters and up:

  • A signed copy of Peter Wohlleben  "Gebrauchsanweisung für den Wald" (the manual for the Forest).
  • A personal certificate with GPS coordinates of the protected area - also available as a  gift certificate.

100 square meters and up:

  • A signed copy of Peter Wohlleben  "Gebrauchsanweisung für den Wald" (the manual for the Forest).
  • A personal certificate with GPS coordinates of the protected area - also available as gift certificate.
  • A free guided tour through the protected area on 20. October 2018


Beech trees - the primeval forest project


The ancient forests of Germany

A natural and undeveloped Germany would be more than 90% covered by forest, mostly beech, oak or mixed forests.

These forests are characterized by long-lasting stability, with disturbances such as storms and fires being foreign to them. Many animal and plant species have adapted themselves to living in such lasting, stable forests.

Most of them rely on particularly old trees. For example, the rare middle-spotted woodpecker can only colonize beech forests with trees that are 200 years of age and older.

Ancient beech forests are the rainforests of Europe and similar to the tropics they are in bad a condition. Currently, there are no more primeval forest in Germany and the old trees are becoming increasingly rare:

Beech forests 160 years or older represent only 0.27 percent of the land area.

And even these small remaining areas continue to be cultivated, resulting on only a third of the trees remaining in these ancient forests.

Deadwood is largely absent in cultivated forests. It’s manly found in primeval forests with about 20,000 cubic meters of wood per square kilometer and an important habitat for 3,000 species of insects and mushrooms.

The already small area continues to shrink, since it is permitted to fell trees in nature reserves.

Situation in the municipality of Wershofen

The municipality of Wershofen owns around 400 hectares of forest. Since 2006 it has been ecologically and sustainably managed.

Non-native conifers are driving back in favor of hardwoods. The municipality of Wershofen does not use chemicals and harvesters.

The aim is the growth of ancient deciduous forests, which can reassume the functions of the primeval forests.

Ancient beech forests where wood has not been exploited for many years are a peculiarity. The trees, now between 160 and 200 years old are protected. The dead trees remain in the forest.

The financial pressure to use the wood, however, grows. For this reason, the municipal council has decided to secure and protect the areas. The objective is to compensate for the loss of revenue from timber while rescuing the old trees. The securing of non-utilization takes place through lease agreements with Waldakademie Hümmel.

The entire company strategy is regularly checked not only through the sustainability classification FSC, but also through independent experts with permanent control samples. In addition, investigations are part of RWTH Aachen University's diploma thesis.

During this time, an increase in the occurrence of rare species in the communal forests like the black woodpecker, the middle-spotted woodpecker and the black stork has occurred. Even the extremely shy wildcat can be observed here several times a year.

The Forest inventories shows the success: The living biomass in the beech trees, mainly tied in the wood of the trees, now reaches the threefold value of managed forests and thus again the level of primeval forests.

You are only a few clicks away from your personal protected area. Specify the amount / square meters and finalize the payment method. Afterwards, the area is protected for 50 years - guaranteed!

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